copy of Strat® 54 replica set (mástil + medio + puente)


Strat® set with 1954 specs. Very "organic" cleans with tones of harmonics. Specially suggested for "Surf" or instrumental music. Also my favourite for play Indie-SHoegaze.


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Strat® pickup set with 54 specs (54-56). The sound that this pickups mades have thick bass and "crystalline" highs. This set will give to your guitar a great harmonic richness and a very "organic" sound, in clean or gain settings.


Hand-Wound by Jess loureiro.

Output: 5.9 Kohm (neck) / 6.2 Kohm (middle) / 9.5 Kohm (bridge)

"Calibrated" alnico 3 magnets.

"Heavy Formvar" copper wire.

Middle pickup RW/RP (hum-cancelling in the 2 and 4 positions).

Wax-potted in paraffin/beeswax mix.

Vintage cloth lead wires.

Black vulcanized fiber (bobbins).

Including screws and tubing to mount.

If you have any doubts just email me

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