Electrum "Zeus" Jazzmaster/Jaguar bridge


Electrum "Zeus" Jazzmaster/Jaguar bridge

This bridge is the evolution of the Electrum "offset" 



After the designing and introduction to the market of the offset bridge, customers who have tried it have been pleasantly surprised by it. However, there are some potential customers who want a similar design to the original, but with improved functionality. This is how I came to the realization of the "Zeus" bridge.

This is made by keeping the original design but simplifying it (3 saddles instead 6), and doing the string guides with a bigger profile. The result is better stability (no more buzz, more sustain) and a general improvement in the playability of your guitar.


This bridge can be used in the "offset" mode, that is, with the strings introduced by the hole-guides, or in the traditional way, directly on the bridge.


It adapts to Jazzmaster, Jaguar and Mustang and Bass VI guitars without modification, as long as they carry the original bridge. Guitars with tun-o-matic bridge need modification (change of thimbles).

Other features:


· Adjustable radio.


· Jazzmaster / Jaguar string spacing (52 mm).

· Easy installation: remove the original bridge and put the "Zeus" in its place.

The main structure of the bridge is made of steel and has a chrome finish. The steel saddles have been designed to compensate for the passage of each string, helping the action of the tremolo.

Includes: Allen key and "thimbles" installation (metal inserts in the body, if it is a guitar to build).

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