P-bass® '51"classic"


'51 P-BassP® (Tele-Bass) pickup,  original specs. Alnico 3 and 42 awg heavy formvar.

Woody tone.


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P-bass® '51  pickup, single-coil classic specs. Rich in harmonics; organic, complex sound.

Woody tone.


Hand Wound by Jess Loureiro.

Output: 7,1 Kohm.

Degaussed Alnico 3 magnets.

Heavy Formvar 42 awg copper wire.

Paraffin/beewax potted.

Lead cloth-wire.

Screws and springs included.

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Early Tele® sound, very rich in harmonics but with enouhgh "punch". This set will give to your Tele® a vintage 50's flavour, with thick bass and crystalline highs. 8,5 Kohm for the bridge an 7,0 Kohm for the neck. Alnico 3 and 43 awg heavy formvar in both pickups.

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