P-bass® 51 coil-split Tele-bass


P-bass® 51 coil-split (Tele-bass) pickup. Increased output and "hum-cancelling". This pickup can be wired in series or in parallel.


There isn't a lot of options when you are looking for a P-bass® 51' (Tele-bass). This is why I decide to bring to the market a coil-split option in a P-bass® 51' format. The goal is to obtain a classic P-bass® sound in a 51' size, by this this pickup have a 12,4 Kohm output and two coils wired together to obtain hum-cancelling. The pickup have 4 wires, so you can use this in parallel(single-coil sound) or in series(P-bass® sound).

Output: 12.4 Kohm

Wire: 43 AWG Heavy formvar

Magnets: "calibrated" alnico 5

Waxpotted in beeswax/paraffin

If you have any doubt, send an email to jl@jlguitars.com


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