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Early Tele® sound, very rich in harmonics but with enouhgh "punch". This set will give to your Tele® a vintage 50's flavour, with thick bass and crystalline highs. 8,5 Kohm for the bridge an 7,0 Kohm for the neck. Alnico 3 and 43 awg heavy formvar in both pickups.

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The early Tele® guitars had a very distinctive sound which is often associated with country, jazz or tockabilly, although these guitars can do any music style. These pickups have a high output, being single coils, but because the alnico 3 magnets, its sound isn't abrupt or aggressive. The bass sound is thick and the highs are crystlline almost acoustic. The neck pickup have that belly an Woody tone, while the bridge pickup have more definition and "punch", with that "cutting edge" character that a good Tele® bridge pickup should have. If you try this set with a maple fretboard and a tweed amp with alnico speakers, you will understand why these guitars became a legend.


Specs are:

- Hand Wound by Jess Loureiro.

- "Calibrated" alnico 3 magnets (flat).

-  43 awg " Heavy Formvar" copper wire.

- Output: 8,5 Kohm (bridge); 7.0 (neck).

- Neck pickup RW/RP (hum-cancelling in the middle position).

- Wax-potted in paraffin/beeswax mix.

- Vintage cloth lead wires.

- Black vulcanized fiber (bobbins).

- Neck cover made of nickel silver (chrome finish).

Including screws and tubing to mount.  


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