"Jesstron" Humbucker Neck


Filtertron pickup in humbucker size for neck position.


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Filtertron pickup in humbucker size for neck position. 

This pickup have been designed to have a Filtertron® tone with a standard Humbucker size. The Filtertron® pickups have more "Twang" than a standard humbucker, due to his bigger magnet and lower resistance. The voltage produced by the pickup is similar to a standard humbucker but because is generated in a higher percentage due to the magnet field it sounds more clear and crystalline. 
I just use the same magnets and turns of wire than a standard filtertron but in a standard humbucker size. The result is a true Filtertron sound, with a great high end and a tight bass response.


Specs are:
Hand-Wound by Jess Loureiro

Output: 4,34 Kohm

Wire: 42 AWG Plain Enamel

Magnets: Alnico 5 (Filtertron thickness)

Cover: Nickel silver material (not brass), raw, chrome, nickel or gold finish (contact me before ordering).

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