"Jesstron" Humbucker Puente


Filtertron pickup in humbucker size for bridge position.


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Filtertron pickup in humbucker size for bridge position. 

This pickup have been designed to have a Filtertron® tone with a standard Humbucker size. The Filtertron® pickups have more "Twang" than a standard humbucker, due to his bigger magnet and lower resistance. The voltage produced by the pickup is similar to a standard humbucker but because is generated in a higher percentage due to the magnet field it sounds more clear and crystalline. 
I just use the same magnets and turns of wire than a standard filtertron but in a standard humbucker size. The result is a true Filtertron sound, with a great high end and a tight bass response.

Because a lot of players ask for it I make this pickup in two versions of output,  standard and hot.  Both can be used in clean or dirty amp settings. What to choose? if you are going to use in more cases the clean settings go with the standard, if not choose the hot version.


Specs are:
Hand-Wound by Jess Loureiro

Output: 5,28 Kohm (standard) or 7,52 Kohm (hot)

Wire: 42 AWG Plain Enamel

Magnets: Alnico 5 (Filtertron thickness)

Cover: Nickel silver material (not brass), raw, chrome, nickel or gold finish (contact me before ordering)

I can also give a relic finish and also other custom options (output or alnico grade)


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