Electrum "offset" bridge Jazzmaster/Jaguar relic/aged


Relic/aged version

Electrum offset bridge design by Jess Loureiro 

Direct fit into Jazzmaster, Jaguars and Mustang (duo-sonic) guitars

No more buzz

Adjustable radius

Increase harmonics and tuning stability


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Relic/aged version

This is the ultimate Offset bridge.


It fits without mods Jazzmaster, Jaguar, Mustang guitars and Bass VI, all guitars and bass with a standard jazzmaster bridge. If your guitar have a tun-o-matic bridge then you will need to replace and the thimbles.




 The design allows to improve the playability of your guitar (no more buzz), tunning stability and overall tone:

- Easy installation (Just replace the stock bridge).

- Brass saddles increase harmonics and warm up the tone.

- Increased string angle, due to the 6 holes strings guides. This means no more trouble with the strings going out from the saddles. Also you’ll have a better tuning stability.

- Keeps the original string spacing.

- Adjustable radius (that fit jazzmaster, Jaguar and Mustangs)

- Awesome vintage look: this is the son of a vintage Telecaster bridge and a Jazzmaster/Jaguar bridge.


The bridge main structure is made by steel and have a chrome finish. The brass saddles have been designed to compensate the pitch of each string and have been hand polished to allows the strings to slide with the tremolo action. 


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