New model: Mudbucker QP-SW
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New model: Mudbucker QP-SW

I have designed this pickup as an improvement on the current EB pickup (Gibson or Epiphone) and as an alternative for the vintage ones. The original mudbucker has a very peculiar design, which gives that characteristic sound, every note you play it feels like a wall of sound, but also, it lacks dynamism and high end range. The gibson reissues carry a smaller pickup, with another format (they are not "side-winder") that do not do justice to the instrument in which they are installed. Those of epiphone are a copy with bad materials of the original, whose sound leaves much to be desired.

For this reason I designed a pickup with the original mudbucker in mind, but with an extended range (greater dynamism) and that can be installed without modification in any EB bass.


 Hand-wound by Jess Loureiro.

- 25 Kohm.

- "Quarter Pond" Alnico 5 magnets.

- Side-winder configuration.

- Potted in beeswax-paraffin mixture.

This pickup is a direct replacement (without mods), whether it's an epiphone, or Gibson (vintage or new edition). Use the original cover and this way you will keep the appearance of your bass, but improving the sound.

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